Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Skipping Rope

(for the Beta Band)

I'll think of you when you're gone.
Tell ya what it meant with this jitterin knee
Sounding out time, hell yeah,
I’ll jump up and down, see

There's a line across the world from me to you - though
Sometimes we stand looking at each other
holding our separate handles on this shit and spinning -
We trip them up, eh babe,
make em fall, make em dance
to the tune of it all:
till they're two inches off the ground.

How does it feel without me?
It isn’t because I’m beside myself with love that I can say these things to you.
You did say you might go away someday,
(Take me away too).

Sometimes we take this damn rope
and wrap it round us all -
tight as a wrap and closer too
Rising higher and higher so
You and me must never be far.

When I’m at 90 degrees to the rest of the world or
Getting stuck right in the middle
I’ll turn to you.
Bounce myself up and down,

I found my peace, peace of mind for the girl inside,
I found my solace
And it was with you –
Music is the only thing that finds my pulse some days.

Hell we all live together on a little round ball
I hear your love, know it, this reality
Though sometimes there’s nothing in it,
I won’t go away any day.

I can't believe I'll never hear you again,
when your voice means more than this world to me.
I won’t cry
The world is so funny
I got tripped, rope-tripped, picked up sticks and
fell through the gap again.

Yes it's true I love you
and it doesn't matter how you feel without me and
I'm so much beside myself with love I can say these things to you –
Sometimes it’s all too beautiful.

The robots in the sky have called a war
But I don't care how the west was won – nobody wins, see
How I'll use the bullets from the games you've played for

I'm a woman who likes to be alone, and think alone:
Doesn't mean I can't get high and smile.
I'll take my books and stand upon a mountain -
quite enjoy being the type of person who sits alone with a book on my own.

We might just break and I find it very hard to say what I see:
I disappear in you, when it’s all too beautiful
And I can’t see the point of it all
And there are no words.

I’m not alone though, not at all,
And I love you though I know you slide.
And I watch where the wind blows
And people find me…
I ain’t gonna sell you nothing.

Can't deny my love for pizza anway.
And this one was always gonna be for Scotland.
Might not want to see ma friends, and might be goin round the bend, as
I got no food and sometimes I'm so paralysed and
I won't share my thoughts and

You like to feel that I would go away some day
but I will fight and
I'm no coward, so I said and I'll speak of
no reasons not to spend my life with you.
Once upon a time I was falling apart,
and now I'm always falling in love.

Dusty rooms, dusty windows,
tic tac toe and a whole host of other things.
I think you'll shake a corner of my world today and
finally this thing is epic, an odyssey,

and hell
you couldn't get more impassioned than me,
and I felt so high, higher than nothing…

I wish I could be with you now
Though people that I love will someday die and
I might go first in just the blink of an eye and
Love can never hold us down and
You could be the one to see me turning around though
In the meantime, I’ll probably have to get myself off.

Make me dance, go on then, find ma tune.
You won’t find another like me.

I'm in heaven when you smile.

August 2005

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  1. Groovy groovy biscuits.

    Saw BB at their last one in the Liquid Room and i cried at the end of it.

    Shook Stevie Mason's hand at Rock Ness and thanked him "for all the good times." He looked like he wanted to cry.

    Performers, eh?