Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Pleasure Seeker

I’m chasing thrills, me
Sparking backlit glimpses of fluttering birds
In my ribcage

Watching vibrations flood through me
Frissons as splintered, layered beats pass through
A’s and E’s

My body is a rollercoaster and I’m
Reaching out to catch my heart, with glee
As we hit the drop

I stretch and arch back from the stern of a boat
I’m a rudder in soft water
Waiting, waiting for the bass to come in.

I could swim like mercury.
Thousands of tiny finger symbols
Chime a labyrinthine symphony.

It’s a line of bitter coke
Pulsating me. The clarity I get when a pill has
Overtaken me.

I want to dissolve like alabaster turned to chalk.
Like a perfect faint. Someone breaking my fall.
Like freedom.

A stranger blowing on the back of my neck and
A shudder and surrender to the speakers.
Arms thrown up opening a big Y.

The first toke on a spliff that tastes of sherbet.
The roach is never dead, my friend.
Let’s lie in a T with your head on my belly.

Tequila shots: the tip of my tongue
Hand web dusted with salt.
Shaking off old ropes like a dog shaking off water.

Mud between my toes.
I want to loose myself in a dance tent.
Chock full of magnanimity.

I want oceans
I want a crush, I want to…
I want whisky lips
I’m gonna leave this place and never use shoes again.
I am holding hands with everyone and walking into infinity.

August 09